Tuesday, October 28, 2008

50th High School Reunion

I attended my 50th high school reunion this month. Pictured here are three of the guys I spent a lot of time with during high school and college: Pat Miller, myself, Terry Noel, and Jim Steffen. In so many ways, they were exactly the same. I felt that same old connection. No wonder I liked them so much when we were teenagers!

We were members of class of 1958 from Rockhurst High School and of 1962 from Rockhurst College, both run the Jesuits and both all male. We reminisced and got caught up on our lives since then. We missed those who were not there.

Naturally I thought back to what it was like when I was 17 and had an unlimited future ahead of me. Of course, it didn't seem unlimited at the time. I only saw a narrow slice of all that life offered me. As I look back I can see opportunities missed and a life that could have been very different if different choices had been made. But I am pleased and blessed to be where I am now. On balance, I have no regrets other than I haven't kept in touch with most of these wonderful guys. I can remedy that.

The experience also helped me realize that my life now is not some point but rather a continuing process. I face a future that is filled with more opportunities that I might realize. I am not 17 but I am still in the process of becoming the person that God intended me to be.

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