Monday, February 9, 2009

Do Republicans think we are all idiots?

I know we elected and then re-elected George W. Bush president. (OK, I know we elected Al Gore the first time but the Democrats didn't have the right lawyers in the right state.) But really, do they really think we have any interest in listening to the people who put us in this financial quagmire as they mumble on about the economic stimulus plan. Don't they understand that the American electorate rejected their policies of reckless foreign wars, overt militarism, monumental deficit spending to fund those wars as well as tax breaks for the rich, undermining the Constitution, and general incompetence due to decisions based on political ideology? Apparently not.
The Republican Party happily stood by as the economic disparity in this country reached historic levels. Republicans thought it was just great that the credit system was manipulated to extend an economic expansion in an irresponsible manner. They cooed approvingly as government oversight was emasculated so that even the SEC could find it appropriate to ignore specific warnings about Ponzi schemes, of all thing. They thought it wonderful that political rather than professional qualifications were used to appoint FEMA directors, U.S. attorneys, and God knows how many others. Ordinary Americans--the middle class--benefited not at all from these policies and schemes.

Last fall these ordinary Americans continued the protest that started with the Congressional elections of 2006: Enough is enough. Stop it with giving even more money and advantages to those who are already obscenely wealthy. Start worrying about us...because we are drowning out here beyond the beltway in all those ordinary places that the Republic media masterminds have portrayed in "patriotic" ads.

So when the man we elected to do just that along with his team says this is the direction in which we need to go, get out of the way. Sure make constructive suggestions; I don't agree with everything in the stimulus package. But don't pontificate political ideology. WE NEED HELP AND WE NEED IT NOW even if NOW will take two to three years.